The Special of Supermoon and What to Know About Lunar Phenomenon

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January 31, 2018
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The Special of Supermoon and What to Know About Lunar Phenomenon


On January 31, sky viewers will find the moon with brighter looking and very bigger in size when the three lunar events along with a Supermoon coincide which came at first in 35 years past.

About Supermoon

A Supermoon is nothing but a full moon at its nearest point to Earth during its orbit, regarding to Although the supermoon will appear larger and brighter and it gives more light on 31 January comparatively with regular full moon but the difference can be hard to identify with naked eye. But the coming supermoon will be greater in special as the reason known as it is also a Blue Moon.

In a calendar the second full moon in the month and a blood moon, a moon which happens at the time a lunar eclipse.

A lunar eclipse occurs due to the Earth rotation and comes in between the moon and the sun and it prevents the sunlight to drop on the moon. As this happened, the moon looks on a reddish color, with this reason we call the moon as a “Blood moon”. – Regarding to

On January 31, Supermoon is being called as “Super Blue Blood Moon” because it is happening during a lunar eclipse as known blue moon, blood moon as so.

In According to the NASA, in 2018 it will complete the “Supermoon Trilogy” as the coming supermoon is the third. The previous Supermoon happened on 1 and 3 of January.



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