Recognized As LIFE SAVER By AP Health Department At KGH

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June 14, 2018
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June 15, 2018

Recognized As LIFE SAVER By AP Health Department At KGH


About Blood Donation

Blood donation is one of the important contributions by the human being. It is not dangerous for an adult person to donate blood. After the blood donation, the people can reproduce the blood again within the few days. It poses no threats to the metabolism of the body.

Facts About the Blood Donation Process

Blood donation is a simple, four-step process: enrollment, medical history, and mini-physical, donation and refreshments and it is a safe process and a new needle is used
only once for each donor and then discarded.

The actual blood donation process takes less than 10 minutes, the average adult has about 10 pints of blood in his body. Nearly one pint is given during a donation.

Whatever your reason, your contribution is very important. And you’ll feel happy and you’ve helped to change a life.

One of the major reason donors say they give blood is because they want to help others. Uday Kiran CEO of Pixel Run donate blood because he was one of these people that
needed help.

On world blood donor’s day, Andhra Pradesh Health Department at KGH, recognized as LIFE SAVER and Hightest camps held by collecting more than 21,000 units, 29 camps in
8years and donated 23 times under Vizag Development Council -VDC

D V ANIL KUMAR his age is 50years, S/O Sri D L N M PATNAIK and his qualification is Metallurgical Engineering working as Manager (Oprn) in VIZAG STEEL PLANT since last
30yrs, donated blood 73 times.




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