Ownership fight for HawaMahal

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July 25, 2018
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Ownership fight for HawaMahal


HawaMahal is the one of Gothic Structure which is surviving from British periods on the beach road in the Vizag. Now the Royals are claiming for the ownership of HawaMahal.

In 1917 Raja Ramachandra Deo of Jeypore Samasthanam built a stone palace as a summer resort for the family. In Vizag at Beach road the awesome and attractive building with 19 rooms, wooden banquet, and dance floor. Even Our first Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and our first President Rajendra Prasad are also stayed in this building.

Now the royal members of the family are fighting for the ownership of the HawaMahal. In a press meet on Wednesday Vishveshwar Chandrachud Deo Clamined that he was the Maharaja of Jeypore Samasthanam and Mayank Devi who was one of the members of the owners of the HawaMahal is not allowing them into this building. This property was jointly owned by five members of the family they are Rama Kumari Devi, Mayank Devi, Sarika Devi, Laitila Deo and Vishveshwar.

Sources also says that the Rajamatha Rama Kumari had two sons, the eldest one is Shakti Vikram Deo and the younger one is Vibhuti Bhushan Deo, Mayank is the eldest daughter-in-law and his daughter is Latika and The second daughter-in-law was Ms.Sarika and mother of Vishveshwaris.

Vishveshwaris explains that ” Shakti Vikram was the former Maharaja but as of now he and his brother died and now I was the Maharaja as of coronated in 2013. But Ms.Mayank Devi is not allowing my mother and my grandmother inside the building even though we are asking chattel for two or three rooms.

Ms. Mayank also held a press meet and answered to Mr. Vishveshwar’s claims that Vishveshwar can’t be the Maharaja of the Jeypore Samasthanam because as per royal traditions, after the death of a formal Maharaja his wife becomes the Rajamatha. As of I am the eldest daughter-in-law so, I was the Rajamatha. The duty of the Rajamatha was to select the next raja. If I was not coronated Mr. Vishveshwar as a raja, he was not Maharaja as he was saying.

She also alleged that Ms. Vishveshwar, Ms. Sarika Devi, and Ms. Rama Kumari try to change the ownership twice for Ramaraju of Hyderabad and second time for a chartered accountant without the acceptance of her and her daughter. And this case is still running in the court.

We are planning that the Hawa Mahal let out for exhibitions and functions.



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