Never share your OTP with anyone

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Never share your OTP with anyone


In Vishakapatnam, cyber crimes have been increasing in the last three years city alone registering close to 500 such cases every year, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) A.R. Damodhar has expressed, attributing it to the negligence of people while doing digital financial transactions.

On Wednesday, Speaking at a seminar on cybercrime organised by Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation (APCCIF), Mr Damodhar expressed people were easily dropping prey to the cheats of fraudsters and sharing the confidential information to debit and credit cards, along with OTPs and PINs.

Confidential Details
Cyber crimes can be controlled If people become careful and restrain themselves from sharing their Confidential details and OTPs details to fraudsters. People must understand that none wins a lottery or any money prizes out of the blue and no bank asks their customers to give confidential details by phone. But most of the time, desire privileges over people and they get trapped by fraudsters explained Mr. Damodhar.

Cracking cyber crime is a Herculean task, he expressed, fraudsters can do a crime using cellphones from a distant lands such as foreign countries like Nigeria. Frequently, we find the investigation leading to a blind alley he expressed.

Acquiescing with the DCP, CTO of Tevel Cyber Corps, Harish Ramani, Chennai expressed the weakest link in cyber crime is people who account for 89% of the crime, followed by technology 8 % and process 3%

Illegal Data Mining

According to Mr. Harish, huge personal data are being downloaded, mined and stored in big database by hackers in East European countries and breakaway republics of Russia.

It is not only from computer that data can be stolen, but even from cellphones. One should be aware of how to use smart gadgets, the data are being sold for a price.

Further, he advised that people should regularly update the firewalls and protection system in their PCs, laptops and cellphones. “It is necessary that the cookie files are deleted after visiting an e-commerce site as the hackers get most of the details from the cookie folders,” he noted.

M. Srikanth from Academy of Robotics expressed data could be hacked from any type of smart devices including TVs and refrigerators too. Anirudh Sigh, COO of Raheja QBE, spoke about insurance solutions for cyber crime. AP Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation president P. Krishna Prasad, vice-chairman K. Kumar Raja and M. Sudhir also spoke.



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