Natural farming is the best remedy to overcome the ill-effects of pesticides

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January 4, 2019
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Natural farming is the best remedy to overcome the ill-effects of pesticides


Organic farming is the only remedy to overcome the ill-effects of pesticides and to ensure the livelihood of mankind, expressed the speakers at a programme here on Friday.

The programme ‘Kavula nota, prakruthi baata’ was held under the aegis of AP State Rythu Saadhikara Samstha, Azeem Premji Philanthropic Initiative (APPI) and the Jattu Trust, here on Friday.


Photo Source: The Hindu

Pesticides are detrimental for the environment and produce considerable damage to ecosystems. The excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides in modern farming methods has robbed the soil of its fertility and, if the same trend continued, cTherops could not be cultivated in the agricultural lands after 60 years,  expressed D. Parinaidu, executive trustee of the Jattu Trust, quoting international experts.

Success stories

Pesticides pollute the air, water and soil. Carried by the wind, pesticide suspensions contaminate other areas. The consumption of crops grown by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides was leading to health disorders like high blood pressure and diabetes and diseases like cancer and thyroid. The average life span of humans was also on the decline. Mother’s milk was also being contaminated due to the excessive use of pesticides in agriculture.

He expressed that natural farming was being promoted under the leadership of AP Rythu Saadhikara Samstha Co-Vice-Chairman T. Vijay Kumar and Special Chief Secretary B. Rajasekhar.
farmers getting excellent results through natural farming, the Jattu Trust had decided to popularise the concept among people by telling them the success stories through popular balladeers and poets like Jayaraju, Goreti, Gadar, and Vangapandu.

Organic manures produce an optimal condition in the soil for high yields and good quality crops. They supply the entire nutrient required by the plant (NPK, secondary and micronutrients).
District Project Managers (Visakhapatnam) T. Dasu and K. Satyanarayana said that 5.5 lakh farmers in the State had adopted natural farming this year and they were getting good returns. The crops cultivated include paddy, cotton, sugarcane, banana, korra, sama and maize apart from vegetables.

At the time of the interactive session, shared their experiences who had adopted natural farming, natural farming experts clarified the doubts of prospective farmers. They said that though the yield would be comparatively lesser in the initial stages, the benefits were many. Crops grown through natural farming were in high demand in the international market and would fetch good returns. They said that bio-pesticides could also be used to deter pests.



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