Indira Gandhi Zoological Park welcomed new inmates

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December 20, 2018
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Indira Gandhi Zoological Park welcomed new inmates


The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP) on Thursday welcomed new inmates including two male Royal, two mugger crocodiles, Bengal Tigers (a male and a female) and five red jungle fowls (three males and two females).

Photo Source: The Hindu

The animals and birds were brought from Pikula Biological Park at Manguluru in Karnataka to the city by road. The IGZP would send four wild dogs and five painted storks to the Karnataka zoo. According to the zoo authorities, According to the zoo authorities, there is Royal Bengal tigress at the zoo now and with the new arrivals, the number of tigers will be four. The procedure conducted under the animal exchange programme.


“The IGZP already has 3 crocodile species and mugger crocodile will be the fourth,” zoo curator Yasodha Bai said.

Meanwhile, the Tigers are kept in the Animal Rescue Centre (ARC) while the other animals are in the quarantine ward of the veterinary hospital. “The animals will be sent to their allotted enclosures after the confinement period,” Ms.Yasodha Bhai expressed.



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