Hearing Deficiency In Kids Early Detection Is Key To Cure

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Hearing Deficiency In Kids Early Detection Is Key To Cure


Santosh kumar working as an electrician in private organisation, he was upset when his son two years old did not respond to sounds.

Cochlear implant surgeries being done under government schemes, he took information and got his son treated, under NTR Vaidya Seva. Deepak, his son identify sounds and he able to speak few words today.

Parameswari, home maker, was being thankful to doctors, who enabled her son to speak. Sai Rithwik, is two and a half year old boy, now he able to speak a few words. Speech and hearing are inter related and early detection of hearing problems is very important to prevent deaf-mutism. Dr P.V. Sudhakar, Principal of Andhra Medical College.


Photo Source: The Hindu

Simple machine

OAE (The Otto Acoustic Equipment) is simple machine this is very useful to detect hearing problems. From the 1990s OAE was being used in the US and in Europe about five years later, it is being used in India from few years.

The equipment cost Rs 2 lakh it is very useful to test thousands of children and keep safe them from possible hearing defects, expressed Krishnam Raju ENT surgeon of Susruta ENT Hospital.

Hearing loss can be classified into: profound, moderate, severe and mild. CI (Cochlear Implant), however, is suggested only for the people with ‘profound hearing loss.’ CI is one type of hearing supporter. The implant is put in a particular position inside the ear, while the receiver fixed outside, this work is messages passing to barin.

Some CI surgeries are done, when general hearing supporters do not work. Communication development begins after one year of age. Till that period, a child able to hear sounds only.

The 0 to 3 years age is the expressing adverse as 700 to 1,000 neuronal connections form in the brain per second. Become more active of the brain at this period is very important as this 0 to 3 years age is the very best for network formation,” expressed Dr. S.K.E. Appa Rao, noted ENT surgeon. “A mother talking to her child every time after given birth to the baby. This became more active in brain development in the child,” he expressed.



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