Health officials fear the spread of swine flu during poll

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Health officials fear the spread of swine flu during poll


Health officials fear the spread of swine flu cases may increase in the district, as of now 136 cases have been reported in the city in which 80% are said to be detected from the city limits. The health officials fear that it might spread fast as more number of people and huge gatherings were being taken place for Lok Sabha and assembly elections.

According to District Health Department, the number of cases reported was 136 this year (till April 1), in which only seven cases were reported from the district last year, This year The number has gone up.

Health official said that in public meetings a huge number of people gather at a single place, the chances of spreading the virus will be fast and easy. so we suggest the people must cover their mouths and noses with clothes, the high humidity is also another cause of worry as it helps the H1N1 virus thrive.

The DM&HO suggest that the symptoms might be fever, cold, sore throat, body pains. In such cases, people must go for a designated hospital for diagnostic tests for swine flu. The health officials said that they had been organizing awareness campaigns on swine flu.



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