Harbor for modern fishing is going to set up in pudimadaka

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July 27, 2018
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Harbor for modern fishing is going to set up in pudimadaka


At pudimadaka nearly 50 km from Atchutapuram Mandal, the AP government had decided to construct a modern fishing harbor at a cost of Rs 300 crore. From the open coast at present several motorized and tradition boats are operating. The project report will be prepared in detail by the Central Institute of Coastal Engineering for Fishery (CICEF), Bengaluru.

Koteswara Rao Joint Director of Fisheries said that at pudimadaka the construction of the modern fishing harbor is going to start based on their report and he also said that to improve the livelihood of traditional fishermen and to encourage organized fishery. The state government had taken the initiative and built with the facilities of an auction hall, beach landing center, net mending facility, gear and rest shed, ice plant, cold storage, radio communication facilities and an administrative building.

This project with a fish handling capacity of 28,700 tonnes per annum will standalone coastal infrastructure. Various sizes of 930 vessels including nine-meter long motorized boats of 700 and some tuna long-liners, a reclamation of nearly 2.5 lakh cubic meters will be required, involving an investment of 300 crores to develop a world-class fishing harbor are in order to accommodate as per estimate.

A fishermen activist from the area Arjili Dasu said that this project should be taken up on a fast-track because this fishing harbor development with all the facilities is a long demand of local people.

The executive director of the Visakhapatnam Youth Fishermen Welfare Association, Mr. Dasu said that this project is not only for the improvement of the living of fishermen but also increases the hygienic conditions of 650-700 fishermen in Pudimadaka.

This harbor was built in the year of 1976 with 11 jetties in 26 acres is the country’s largest fishing harbor in the city under the control of Visakhapatnam Port Trust.



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