Early onset of heatwave conditions this year may result erratic monsoon

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Early onset of heatwave conditions this year may result erratic monsoon


The early onset of heatwave conditions this year may effect in a delayed and erratic monsoon in India, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) scientist Swadhin Behara has said.

Mr. Behara was in the city to deliver talks at the World Ocean Science Congress (WOSC) being organised at Andhra University. “The heatwave conditions which are likely to prevail for the next three months could result in more thunderstorm activity that would cool down the atmosphere, affecting the regular monsoon cycle,” he expressed.

Coastal erosion
Referring to climate change, Mr. Behara attributed it to the rise in the ocean temperature.

“The ocean temperatures have increased by 0.5 to 0.6 degree over the last five decades. The significant rise in the parameter in the western Pacific and Indian oceans will not only impact the coral reefs but also island nations such as Lakshadweep, Mauritius and coastal cities such as Mumbai and Visakhapatnam, which may experience coastal erosion and inundation in the next five decades,” he said.

Detailing about the connection between the ocean temperature and climate, Mr. Behara said warming of oceans would lead to more intense cyclonic storms of category 4 and 5, rather than a prolonged monsoon season.

“That wet regions will go wetter and the dry one will go drier. India comes in the wet region which means it will receive more rains, including extremely high wet spells at times,” he explained.

Global warming
Over the last five decades, he noted, the oceans have absorbed more then 80% of the global heat, crash into the ice in the poles. “The Arctic region is already bearing the brunt. We must cut the emission of greenhouse gases before the Antarctic comes under its impact,” he noted.

Source: The Hindu



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