Beach Nourishment Activity Will Continue Till March

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February 17, 2018
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February 17, 2018

From Nakkapalli to Bheemunipatnam and further places at Visakhapatnam is at risk to beach being gradually destroyed by natural agents the reason is frequent depressions hitting the coast during the monsoon, an active sea and number of forms built into the sea, and to blockage the erosion nourishment is a good method and it is scientifically proven method, M.T. Krishna Babu Visakhapatnam Port Trust Chairman expressed.

He told that “In this year the beach nourishment has already started on February 6 and will continue till March first week. Approximately to pump around 3 lakh cubic meters of sand which amount to nearly 30,000 truck load of sand”.

One year back, VPT had floated a global tender for beach nourishment for duration of 3 years and clear a bed of water and scooping out mud. Dredging Corporation of India had bagged it for Rs.40 crore. Last year nearly 1.05 lakh cubic meter of sand was pumped at a cost of Rs.11.09 crores and in this year it will go up to Rs.18.37 crore.

Regarding to Mr. Krishna Babu, a survey was organized including   974-km coastline of Andhra Pradesh and 210 km was identified as danger zones by the NIOT (National Institute of Ocean Technology).

VPT’s performance

Discussing about the performance of VPT, he expressed that the port will gross up to 64 million tonnes compared to 61 million tons in the last year.

“There is some resource problem in case of certain commodities apart from that the port can perform better. The plan has been sent to the ministry and it is likely to be approved,” he expressed.

According to his information, Kandla Port handles around 110 MT and Paradip touches nearly 100 MT per year.  If the facilities are arranged we can do better additionally, unlike other ports our remote area is limited to Chhattisgarh only.

Mr. Krishna Babu also indicated out that trade with Nepal is all set to increase to at least one collection each day. “There is some late in the processing of papers and once Nepal opens its consulate office in Vizag, Those things will get speed automatically improvement will be identified,” he expressed.



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