Baba Ram Rahim’s has to count old 500 & 1000 notes deposited with RBI.

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August 29, 2017
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Baba Ram Rahim’s has to count old 500 & 1000 notes deposited with RBI.


Rohtak: CBI court judge while handing down 20-year jail term for Baba Ram Rahim said Baba has to count all old notes deposited with RBI during his stay inside jail. Otherwise jail term will be extended by five more years.

Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh


We spoke to a press reporter, Amod Shukla (name changed to save him from Baba’s unruly supporters) who was present in court premises when CBI judge declared the quantum of punishment.

We asked Mr. Shukla why such a stricter punishment of counting notes by one person which full RBI team is not able to do in last eight months, he said, “The judge felt Baba does not have any concern for humanity, nor any mercy in his nature which is reflected through his ravishing acts. He must get punishment which will act as deterrent for others in future.”

“Baba thought using his clout he can get counting machines which will help him to count the notes in a month’s time and take credit for it, the judge said categorically it will be manual counting. Even Baba is not allowed to use any calculator,” said Mr. Shukla wearing a helmet inside his car while speaking to us.

Mr. Shukla added, “That is when Baba requested judge to allow his ‘adopted’ daughter Honeypreet Insaan to accompany him to jail, the request judge refused immediately. However, judge told jail superintendent if Baba wants to learn something like basic counting he should arrange for the same.”

“Judge has told jail officials if Baba does any mistake in counting, he has to count all the bundles he would have counted till that point of time again. When Baba’s lawyers pleaded for leniency citing Baba’s advanced age and health issues, judge refused saying Kaam aisa hi kiya hai, he deserves all these,” said Mr. Shukla.

Honeypreet and other supporters of Baba are trying to hire Salman Khan’s lawyer, but they refused. “First of all, Baba’s case is very weak. On top of it his supporters threaten to break our head if judgement does not come in their favor. On risk-reward ratio, we are okay to support BeingHuman not BeingInsaan,” said one of the lawyer.



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