300 students Fail to clear practicals due to jumbling system

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300 students Fail to clear practicals due to jumbling system


The jumbling system, introduced in intermediate practical examinations two years ago to curb malpractices, seems to be working.

This year about 300 students, a majority of them from private colleges, could not clear their practical exams. Earlier when colleges conducted the inter exams at their campuses, they often awarded their students 100% score.

According to Board of Intermediate Education (BIE), the number of unsuccessful students in practicals from Visakhapatnam district has never crossed the two-digit before the introduction of jumbling system.

But before any conclusion is drawn from this result what needs to be taken into account is although some private colleges fell in line and held practical classes for their students, the equipment at several private colleges are still not in accordance with the BIE guidelines.

Moreover some laboratories are in dire straits. Consequently, students from the latter colleges were left to the mercy of the invigilators as they were unable to go about the practicals. This has affected their scores, mostly limiting it to some 15 to 25 out of 30.

It is, hence, of surprise that even this year various colleges tried their best to revoke the jumbling system.

Speaking to the regional inspection officer of the BIE, P Nagesh Kumar, said owing to a large number of students that have failed their practical examinations, the board has been forced to schedule the supplementary exams for five days, from May 23 to 27. “Earlier, we used to conduct the practical supplementary examination only for one day.

The exam will be conducted at BVK College in Visakhapatnam city. For the first time, the number of failures has touched the 300 mark. In addition to the jumbling system, the exams were conducted under CCTV surveillance, which bore good results. The jumbling system was implemented for invigilators as well,” said Nagesh Kumar.

Citing undue favoritism in awarding marks and erring institutions, Prof Dayaratnam committee pitched the jumbling system in inter-practical exams in 2005 in the then undivided Andhra Pradesh. But it was implemented from 2016-17 academic year.

Source: TOI



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