Extracting Electrons From Plants To Generate Electricity

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March 5, 2018
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March 6, 2018

Extracting Electrons From Plants To Generate Electricity


Dr. Marjolein Helder, doctorate degree holder from Wageningen University and Research Centre in Netherlands, has decided to take up take out electrons from living plants to produce electricity in Andhra Pradesh.

In the recent CII Partnership Summit Dr. Helder participated in an interactive session Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu to set up her first venture in A.P. He is clearly in speech that India was a huge market for them, she said they were producing power on a low scale for make something to look attractive.

Photo Source: The Hindu

Illumination is in a limited way in hotels, residential, commercial, and R&D buildings to exhibit the potential to use plants in featuring new methods.

Her firm Plant-e at present has seven employees and 13 partners. She expressed during her maiden go to see for a specific purpose to Vishakhapatnam, she found the city clean and attractive.


Asked her expressing an opinion about how she started the initiative, she told to agree to allow Euros 250,000, they kick-started the innovative project. Now they have a desire to possess to launch licensing model after taking up some ventures in Luxembourg, United Kingdom and France.

“Now we have grasped a stage up further to use the plants for other reason also to make smaller the carbon footprint,” she expressed. The firm today has a turnover of Euros 3 million.

She expressed carbon making smaller was a huge challenger and the requirement of the other was to utilize able to be upheld technology. She expressed she met Naidu first at Davos during World Economic Forum meeting in 2017. On his invitation she came to India to explain an individual fact about her project.



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