Obstacles in Free Movement Of Nepal Bound Containers

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February 16, 2018
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February 16, 2018

Obstacles in Free Movement Of Nepal Bound Containers


On this Friday a high-level video conference will be held in the city to iron out hinders progress in the free movement of Nepal-bound containers through train from the Vizag port.

The Indian Railways’ Container Corporation of Indian Ltd (Concor) transports the strong boxes from Vizag to Birgunj in Nepal.

A team with 8 members from the Nepal embassy, representatives from Vizag port, Customs and Concor will join in meet.

Because of lag in certain formalities like IMG (clearance of the Import General Manifesto) and EMG (Export General Manifesto) Vizag port is not able to deliver the containers to Concor which transports goods to Nepal. The Himalayan country imports many goods like medicines, fruits and cellphones from China, Europe and Africa.

Due to the lag in official procedures, around 700 Nepal-bound strong boxes were stuck at Vizag port for two months.

“We can deliver strong boxes to Concor in one day if we have documents like Export General Manifesto and Import General Manifesto. Whatever absence of documents led hold up the containers, “MT Krishnababu VPT managing director expressed.



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