VUDA Preparing Master Plan For The VMRDA

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VUDA Preparing Master Plan For The VMRDA


After its announcement almost four years have passed, the proposed VMRDA (Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority) shows to gain some strength, VUDA officials are full of active in preparing the final draft of the master plan. The project would get the lower and raise once head slightly from the government before the general Assembly election slated for next year.

The project which was announced in 2014 November had more places from Visakhapatnam and srikakulam districts will be added in the VMRDA to flourish it as a mega metropolitan city after Amaravati. Regarding to sources in VUDA, P Basanthkumar its vice-chairman is full of activity giving finishing toughs to the cabinet draft of the plan which will be submitted to government in coming days.

The VUDA is getting ready to prepare the master plan for the VMRDA including zonal developments which would consist of nearly 6,764.59 sq km area for 25 years, with 2036 as the horizon year. It will cover throughout East Godavari, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam districts with covering of 50 mandalas and 1,340 villages. As per the 2011 survey the population of the area is 52.93 lakh- predicted to be nearly 60.50 lakh with a rural and urban population 46 percent and 54 percent specifically.

VMRDA preliminary master plan was prepared earlier, the VUDA highers along LEE association, is making the final revised draft master plan in conformity with provision of the AP APMRUDA (Metropolitan Region and Urban Development Authority) act, 2016, with the total area of 6,764.59 sqkm.

To prepare the revised master plan, the VUDA selected the Canada-based LEE Associates South Asia Pvt Ltd in 2016 August.



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