Highly Nutritious Organic Foods are Demanding More

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Highly Nutritious Organic Foods are Demanding More


Eating healthy can fit any person budget even poor man also- jowar roti, millet kichdi, ragi malt are rich in fiber and iron these food are in high demand now as they are considered highly nutritious.

With rise in lifestyle diseases, urban people are more care taking care about their food intake. Lot of people with inflammatory bowel diseases has increased due to consumption of preservatives, highly processed foods, additives and mineral water.

Regarding to Heart Care Foundation of India president Dr K.K. Aggarwal, people must habituate for organic foods which are healthier. This will also help in preventing complications in the intestine. Taking better food choices will assure that the abdomen has a combination of various good bacteria which help the body systems function smoothly.

In fact millets were one of the oldest foods known to humans but urbanization has led to a shift towards rice and wheat. Organic foods are mostly favored as regular food grains, in these days fertilizers are used highly in cultivation of fruits and vegetables. However, millets dont need to be organic because they have their own protection and no chemicals are used to grow them. In recent times, the consumption stayed minimal in both urban and rural areas. Millets have again returned as a healthy option in cities because number of people suffered from cardiovascular, hypertension and diabetes diseases.

The improved awareness has turned the people to select chemical free food products. However, organic food industry is still in an especially of a process stage. The chemical free food manufacturers are facing several challenges, including underpenetrated market and competition from general sellers.

In recent times the central government launched the Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2017 to certify all organic food products with the logo of Jaivik Bharat. In the meantime, doctors suggest that used to emphasize that the food habits are another reason while genetic background remains the primary factor for lifestyle diseases. There is lot of advantages consuming organic food but the genes carrying heart disease and diabetes cannot be changed by these foods.



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