Increasing the Demand of “Kaaki Dega breed” for cockfights

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Increasing the Demand of “Kaaki Dega breed” for cockfights


As we have so many breeds of fighting roosters for traditional “Sankranti” cock fights, Kaki Dega and Kaki Nemali breeds having more focused for upcoming cock fight as they have a fighting skills itself.

“These breed are well in jumping and attack the opponent in the fighting”. said Mr G. Ganesh Kumar, fighter roosters seller in North Andhra.


Kaki dega and kaki Nemali are little bit different from other cocks. It was identified according to their color of feather. These cocks are seems more ferocious during the morning as they are more active when compare with other cocks.

There are 20 different varieties of fighter rooster including kaki dega, Telupu Gowdu, Nallamachala Setu, Parla, Savala, Nalla Savala, Kokkirayi, Kowju, Myla, Poola, Yerupu Gowdu, Pingali, Nallabora and Yerrapoda.

We can believe some time planter influences work on the fighter roosters as well as a part from humans. It will impact on blood circulation on roosters when they fight best.

“I have earned lakhs of rupees in five years when I placed the bets on Kaaki Dega, Dega, Kaaki Nemali roosters.” R. Prakash claimed, a punter in Vizag region.

The roosters taking a part in the fight are very well, more expensive and Fighter roosters must be with balanced notorious millets with dry fruites, mutton kema, cereals and more. Said Mr B. Sateesh, who rears fighter for sale in East Godavari district.



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