Vizag : ‘The hunter’ likely to add to parking woes on Beach Road.

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October 16, 2017
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October 16, 2017

Vizag : ‘The hunter’ likely to add to parking woes on Beach Road.


Chief Minister to inaugurate TU-142, located close to Kursura, tomorrow

Post their decommissioning from the armed services, the hunter (TU-142) and the hunter (INS Kursura), rest close by, with only Beach Road separating them.

Both TU-142, Indian Navy’s long range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft that is nicknamed as the Bear by the NATO, and the INS Kursura, one among the first four Type 641 or Foxtrot class Russian submarines procured by India, have been converted into museums.

While INS Kursura that played a key role in the 1971 war with Pakistan has already been converted into a museum and was thrown open to public in 2002, and has become a major tourist attraction in the city, the TU-142, which has logged over 30,000 flying hours in the last 29 years, is being inaugurated by Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday.

Motivated by the success of turning Kursura into a museum, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu had asked Indian Navy to give away the aircraft so that it can also be turned into a museum. Indian Navy had obliged to the request and handed over the aircraft to the State government. The government had selected the location beside Kursura, after requesting Andhra University to spare about one-acre land, but the problem that had missed the attention of many was parking.

Most frequented spot

Beach Road is the most frequented spot, both by the locals and the tourists and is one of the most crowded location in the city.

Adding one more attraction and that too closeby will create traffic hazard, as parking will be a problem, said a senior police officer from the City Traffic wing. As of now there is no designated parking lot for the Kursura museum, and now TU-142 adds up to the parking woes.

Sources said the police had sent a written note to the authorities concerned and the authorities have assured to create a multi-level parking, but when and where, is still to be finalised.

On an average the 4-km Beach Road stretch receives about 5000 visitors with over 3000 two-wheelers and at least 700 to 800 four-wheelers. Not find any parking place the motorists park on the road, narrowing down road. On weekends and holidays, it doubles up and Beach Road bursts at its seams, and the police have a tough time regulating the traffic.

According to Mahendra Patrudu, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), legally there are only two parking spots on Beach Road – one near the Kali Temple and the other near Gokul Park. Together, they can accommodate a maximum of 300 vehicles, he said.

If the parking issue is not addressed by the authorities concerned then it could turn out to be a major problem in the coming days.



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