Inspired by Donald Trump’s tweets

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September 17, 2017

Inspired by Donald Trump’s tweets


If there’s one thing that Donald Trump is good at, it’s his ability to stay in the limelight. And more often than not, his inane and infamous remarks give rise to amazing things. From Trump-inspired swimsuits and Valentine’s Day cards to even urinals and toilet papers, the billionaire politician is everywhere. Not to forget the famous inflatables — the Trump rat and the Trump chicken.

You can like him or hate him but you cannot ignore him, and at the helm of all is his popular tweets. The US President is an active user on the microblogging site and uses the medium to express his views but on many occasions, there have been quite a few contradictions, and now some of these have made way to the fashion industry. Yes, a company has brought out flip-flops that capture the ‘flip flops’ in Trump tweets, and even though it looks hideous, it’s amusing.

Known as President Flip-Flops, they have taken the bizarre fashion trend to a whole new level, with a tagline, “going back on your word, one step at a time.” Made in China, the company found the POTUS inconsistencies on various issues rather intriguing and decided to utilise it to poke some fun.

Revealing what led to this innovative fashion trend, their website read, “A lighthearted poke at the political flip flops the President makes on Twitter.” The design logic is simple, while one has the earlier tweet, other features the opposite tweet.

The red sandals with a white flap are now available in three variants but they are hopeful there is more avenue to roll out other collections, and even you can be a part of it! “You’ve seen how this guy tweets, right? There will definitely be future opportunities for more editions. You can suggest new editions on Twitter using #PresidentFlipFlops,” the company stated on their website.

Priced at $27.99 (Rs 1794), the three varieties are called — Syria Edition, Electoral College Edition, and Sources Edition. And in case, you are wondering if buying these are worth it, the manufacturer has said they are going to donate 10 per cent of the sale to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), an anti-Trump organisation that fights for people’s rights that have been affected by Trump’s orders.



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